Monday, May 22, 2006

Best in Show - But not with a Scotty!

On Sunday, I met Chisato at Morioka to take the Airedale and Scotty to a show in Sendai. Unfortunately I was going alone as Chisato couldn't join me. So I was prepared to be busy. We were of course the only ones in the breed, and I met Junko there and helped her with the Dachshunds. So we waited most of the day for the groups to start.

First we went in for King, and it was so hot. Eric was a good boy and tried his best to show but he was hot, I kept him in the shade and cooled him off with water while we waited.

We went back in and he first made the cut, then we got the KING!!! Oh, and the CC.

Then I showed Becky, as a 14 month old junior so far she had the one CC from Osaka. Becky was a good girl and is getting better each show and walking better too. She made the cut and got Excellent Group and her 2nd CC.

Then I ran back to get Eric, thanks to Teru Sugahara for watching him and combing him up for me.

We had to go against a Cunningham Dachshund, the judge had us move each dog down and back and then made his decision....IT WAS ERIC!!! He got Best in Show! I ran to call Chisato, but Becky's owner had already called her and told her, Chisato was so happy!

Chisato thanks everyone who loves Eric and supports him! He truly is a excellent specimen of theAiredale Terrier! I was so honored to handle him for Chisato.

I talked to Hiroshi also, Leo, his Wire Fox Got Group 1 at Toyama FCI, which I was happy for, he's a really good dog and loves to show, and he had good results and congratulations to Mr. Hirota with Trigue the English Setter, he got Reserve King!!

Wish us luck in Tohoku!


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mona's owner said...

Biggest Congratulations for Eric and you!!
I was so excited by the news.
Of course, to Leo's G1 and Trigue's R.KING!!


I have a news that I wanna tell you.
The baby of my JRT won the R.queen at the club exhibition of Hiratsuka.
Mr.Sato handles her,Because Hiroshi was not there.
He did great job for us!

I am very happy.
I made new Blog.
I want you to see because there are a lot of photographs though it is being written in Japanese.
Please have a look!!

I'm looking forward to seeing you at Yamagata!
Good Luck in Yamagata too!