Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Chipper at Montgomery! :) Thank you Masa Siroka of Peabar Scotties for these wonderful photos from devon and montgomery!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Max got Award of Excellence - Eukanuba!!!

Multi Ch. Land Rose R. JP All Right, "Max" went to California to play with the big dogs and received an Award of Excellence under judge David Powers.

Full results and photos can be found at:|SCOT|100|Scottish%20Terrier&ax=get_breed_data&ct=1&text_event_number=2008277101

BOB was Gabriel and Sadie, Roundtown Mercedes at Maryscot and BOS was one of Polo's great grandson's out of Goldie's sister Anna, Rainy Man coming from Brazil!!!

It was good day for everyone!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Girdie the Giant Schnauzer - NEW Champion

Girdie is bred by Sylvia Hammerstrom of Skansen kennels and I recently had the honor of handling a bitch that she gave to a young man, who's "Make a Wish" was to have a Giant Schnauzer and make a champion out of her! So just a few weeks ago I got to share in that joy while at shows in Oklahoma. Some friends and fans were there, the whole family and a whole lot of applause! Thank you Beverly who was so nice to email these photos to me! Also thank you Christina, Linda Clarks assistant for your guidance in the trimming.

Monday, December 01, 2008

More Photos and article by Dog News

Thank you Barbara Lounsbury for your kind words in your November 7th article issued in Dog News Magazine regarding Montgomery County. Dolce was also mentioned for her Best of Winners Win also!

Where in the USA is Rebecca?

Me and my Dad at the Grand Canyon!! It was freezing!!!

Seems to be the running joke these days, to clear up some rumors here is my life story for the past month.

I did some soul searching and decided that the best decision for my future is to continue my field of work that I was pursuing while in the military and the past years as a contractor, and that is Computers. So I am awaiting word on a job, and not sure where that job will take me, could be Texas, could be East Coast Maryland area. But for now, I AM IN ARIZONA WITH MOMMY!!!! I will stay here for the holidays and keep them company.

As for results, we had a very successful month of October, Dolce, NEW AKC Ch. Land Rose R JP Dear Mrs, finished her championship in just 3 short weeks with a Group 1 to add!!! She got 2 more majors while we were in Maryland, a 3 and 4 point major and then several Best of Breeds, over specials and class dogs in Oklahoma and Texas. Congratulations Mrs. Itoya her owner! Dolce is taking a break at the moment to come into new coat and will hopefully be back in the ring as a special in January or February.

Chipper, the Wire Fox Terrier came back with a vengeous as well, picking up several Best of Breeds, one over specials, and also 2 Group 2's!!! Congrats to his breeders Chisato and Hiroshi!

Also, Chisato informed me that Ch. Land Rose R JP All Right is now an International Champion at just 2 years of age, go Max!!!!

I am looking forward to Eukanuba so for any of my friends, both local and abroad (especially my Japan friends) I can't wait to see you! Look for me and my sister (Mom)!! LOL

Good Luck and Happy Holidays!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

So far its been great being back in the US!!!

Here's a breakdown of the last few days:

Land Rose R. JP Dear Mrs. handled by Hiroshi Tsuyuki was Winners Bitch and Best of Winners at Hatboro Kennel Club for a 5 point major! She has placed in the class each day, and was 3rd in the Open Class at Devon.

CK Terra's Get Up and Go was Reserve Winners Dog at Devon for the wires, and has also placed 2nd each day and at sweeps.

And in Japan, Max was Best of Breed, Group 1 and Reserve King at the Saitama FCI Int. Dog Show! He is now undefeatedly for FCI shows and has 4 Group 1s and 4 Reserve King's in a row!!! Judges were from Mexico.

Woohoo!! Oh, and judging Sweepstakes was a blast, thanks for everyone that came and supported me!


Wednesday, October 01, 2008


We are finally back in the USA and at our yearly nationals, the famous Montgomery County. This year I don't show a Scottish Terrier, but rather a Wire Fox Terrier, CK Terra's Get Up and Go, "Chipper".

Wish me luck, I am judging the STCA national sweepstakes this year so I am very excited!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Me and Terry the Wire

Terry is one of Hiroshi's breedings, and she was being kept for trimming by Chisato. Hiroshi was caught between rings so I showed Terry for him and she was Winners Bitch this day. Thanks Kao for great candid photos! pheww...I need to lose a

ENJOY the photos! Great job to Chisato for making her ready. 17 days left until I leave Japan! I'm growing ever more anxious each day.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Max's Swedish Title arrived today!

It is official, Max is now a Swedish Champion!!!! Enjoy the pics!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Getting ready to move!

Chipper, post-broken leg...:)

Chippy doodles! My son! :)
Climbed Mt Fuji July 24th with Kevin, made it to the top!!!

Me and Kevin, Nebuta Aomori Festival 08

As most of you know I'm getting ready to leave Japan and embark on a new journey to Aubrey, Texas, about an hour north of Dallas. They packed up my house this week and shipped off the van, should be there in a few months. I'm gearing up for my first "Huge" assignment as being selected to judge the 2008 STCA National Puppy Sweepstakes, which is a huge honor for me. I'm excited and can't wait to see the puppies, I hope I get a wonderful selection, puppies are so much fun.

As for the past month or so, we've been relaxing, soon I will have just two dogs with me, so will stay some will go, can't take them all. Keyshia the Akita is doing well with Bergit and Hans in California and she went to some shows this weekend so we'll see.

Chipper is doing wonderful after his leg was broken in April, he has fully recovered after his vet in Towada University did a wonderful job pinning him together, you would never know he broke it.

As for Dolce, she's doing wonderful and gearing up for shows this weekend as well, we will go to our last show this coming weekend in the Fuji area, Asaguri shows.

Max is doing wonderful and will stay with Chisato after I leave to embark on his international title, he needs just one ticket after October. Then we have some surprises planned with him later. ;) Thanks Chisato!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We've been busy!! Picture of Dolce!

Thank you Mrs. Itoya, I received Dolce's Queen photo today, Ch. Land Rose R. JP Dear Mrs! Thank you Mr. Shindo at Aomori Club Show.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hokkaido FCI, Max is Group 1 and Reserve King

Our final FCI show together was wonderful, Max showed like a dream and he got reserve king under the mexican judge. Land Rose R. JP Dear Mrs, Dolce, was Group 2 and Group 3 at the FCI dog show as well!!

Photo by Kao, thank you!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Max is Sweden Champion

Max got the Sweden Champion Title by wining the CAC at the World Terrier Club Dog Show in Sweden on Wedsday from the Open Class!

Judge Vandra Huber

He then went on to Reserve Best Male Scottish Terrier!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Max and Dolce news

We're behind but here is some latest news from us:

Ch. Land Rose R. JP All Right, Max was Reserve King at the Nagano FCI!
Ch. Land Rose R. JP Dear Mrs. , Dolce was Best of Breed over special!

At Aomori Dog Show this past weekend:

Kinari was Best of Breed both days, Group 3 and 4 for his last CC cards, he needs just the MCC card, congrats to his owner.

Dolce was Best of Breed and Queen on Saturday. She was not entered Sunday since I am in Sweden for the World Dog Show with max. We show tomorrow so wish us luck!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Two Group 2's for the scots!

Even thought we had a 7.2 magnitude earthquake just short before the show, the scots persevered with Group placements.

Dolce was Group 2 for the females and Kinari was Group 2 for the males his second time out and his second CC card. Dolce is a Champion already so she didn't need the card.

We are on the way to the airport tomorrow to take Keyshia to the Tokyo Airport.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Keyshia my Akita

Go to this link for Keyshia the Akita, Wild Shine JP Numero....

Last Week Group 1 and 2!!!

Kinari made his debut with me last weekend, he is a breeding from Land Rose, a young wheaten male.

He was Best of Breed and Group 1 for his first CC card! Here is a video of him. Dolce was Group 2 as well. Keyshia the Akita made her debut and was Excellent Group Puppy.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Max in Aikenetomo!!!! japan Dog Magazine!

Scan by Nakahara, thank you Max!!!!! :) This was showcasing his Reserve King at the Asia Winner International Dog Show 2008!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

New Puppies Announcement

Ch. Perhaps SugarDaddy and Beaureguard's Imogene "Imo", were bred a few months back, and we are now happy to announce 3 healthy black brindle boys were born! Thank you Lisa Inman and her kids for helping me and mom out and whelping the litter. We will keep you posted. Thank you Jon Emerson for allowing me to have Imogene.

Reserve King Tohoku FCI!

Thank you judge Mr. Nakamura, giving Max, AKC/JKC Ch. Land Rose R. JP All Right, Group 1st and to judge Mrs. Keiko Kawada for Reserve King in Show!!!

Again, thank you Mr. and Mrs. Nakahara for this beautiful boy!!!

Ch. Land Rose R. JP Dear Mrs was also Best of Breed and Orthopaedic JP Princess Ariel, "Juno" owned by me, but belonging to the Hutchison's was Junior Class winner making her show debut.

Video of Max by K. Tatum.

Monday, May 12, 2008

More Photos!

Land Rose JP Dear Mrs, "Dolce", Best in Show, Terrier Specialty Show April 2008, Top Left
Sarahjoy JP Sukekiyo, "Baltic", King, Terrier Specialty Show April 2008, Bottom Left
Land Rose JP All Right, Max, Reserve King Osaka FCI, December 07, Top Right
Land Rose JP All Right, Max, Best of Breed, Asiawinner 08, Bottom Right

Max, Best of Breed, Champion of Champions Dog Show December 07, Left
Mami the Westie, shown for Ms. Aoki (handler), Best of Breed Champion of Champions Show 07, Right

NEWS and New Photos!

Smash JP Alaskan Dream, owned by Joanne Langseth, myself, and Sherri Walsh, Reserve Puppy King, Hachinohe July 07

Land Rose JP Lan Faleno, "Lan", Best Puppy in Show, April 2008, Terrier Club Specialty

CK Terra JP Get Up And Go "Chipper", pictured at 7 months winning Best Puppy in Show November 2007, Kyushu.

Land Rose JP ???? "Ernie", Winning Best Puppy in Show, Kanagawa FCI 2008

Land Rose R. JP All Right, "Max", Group First, Asia Winner, April 2008

Max winning Reserve King at Asiawinner 2008, April 08
Smash JP Alaskan Dream, "Sam", winning Best Puppy in Show, July 07, Hachinohe Club

Monday, March 31, 2008

Max is Reserve King at the 2008 Asia International Dog Show!!!

We had wonderful results at the 2008 Asia International Dog Show in Tokyo!!!

Best of Breed Male and Asia Winner 2008/CACIB
Am.Jap. Ch. Land Rose R. JP All Right (Max)

Group 1st and Reserve King in Show!!!!

Winners Bitch/Best of Breed Bitch/MCC/CACIB
Land Rose R. JP Dear Mrs (Dolce)

Also, Winners Dog was awarded to new Champion Sarahjoy JP Sukekiyo (Baltic) MCC

I was happy that both my breeding was able to participate and put on a good show as well.

As soon as I receive some photos, I will post!!!


Monday, March 24, 2008

Sarahjoy JP Sukekiyo is a Japan Champion!!!!

Congratulations to his owners, Mrs. Nakahara informed me yetserday that Baltic finished his championship with a Group 2, a few weeks ago he also got a Group 2.

I am excited as he is my first home-bred champion in Japan! ;) Cookie and Polo are the proud parents.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Chubu FCI Dog Show

We had good results, Max was Group 2nd out of a tough Terrier Group, and his little sister Dolce was Best of Breed and Group 1st over a very tough Terrier Group as well. Congrats to her owner, who was there and very happy with the result!!! Chipper was also Best of Winners for the Wire Fox Terriers! And Keyshia just had a wonderful time being an Akita, she got to see her brothers and had a good time playing with everyone.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Best Puppy in Show

This past weekend at Kanagawa FCI , we had good results. We got Best Puppy in Show with a Cookie x Polo Grandaughter, a stunning bitch bred by Mr. and Mrs. Nakahara.

I've also attached a link to Sam, Smash JP Alaskan Dream....its his video from a recent show.