Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Niigata Show Results

Goldie was successful, she was Reserve Queen both days, as well as the Rengoten show. I had a lot of fun this show, I helped Hiroshi a lot, he was really busy. I love working with the dogs and training so I did some of this for him. We're gearing up for Saitama, loading up the Airedales and Goldie and off we'll go.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Okay, so I've been busy

Its been a busy past couple of weeks, grooming, working, going to school!!! Uuguhh....

Back on the 9th, Chisato and I packed up for our last trip to Hokkaido for the year. Goldie Group 1 and Reserve Queen, Eric the Airedale was Group 2.

This past weekend we went to Yokohama for a 2 shows in one day event again, the first show it was a bit warm, Goldie was hot, she got Excellent in the Group, but by the second show, she got her wind back and it was cool and raining, she loves the rain! She perked right up and got Reserve Queen!

My new baby Max, whom I'm waiting for a good picture, got Best Baby in Show Again! This is two in a row.

On Sunday we went to a small show up the road closer to my house in Fukushima, Goldie got Reserve Queen again and Max was Reserve Baby King! It was a good weekend. We're gearing up to go to Niigata this weekend, 2 shows, Saturday and Sunday. Will keep you posted.


Monday, September 04, 2006

Photos are in!

Wow, we got a new photographer, he took the photos of Eric when we won the BIS at Sendai last time and he had the photos on display at the show. I was pretty proud! Well he took the photos again and took an excellent photo of Goldie on the final day.

Here it is!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sendai Show Results

We had a really good weekend, I managed to pack 2 Airedales, 2 Scotties into my van, and traveled the short 4 hours away.....it was a relaxing drive for a change, the 8 and 9 hours drives really wear you down. Anyhow, we had 2 shows in one day the first day, Goldie got Reserve Queen the first show and Queen the second show, and then on Sunday at the bigger show, she was Reserve Queen! Chisato did awesome too, her bitch out of a short break since Asia took 2 Excellents, and Eric won the Group on Sunday! My adopted son is doing so well. :-)

I got my Bagpiper, can't wait to sit down and actually read it, I was surprised at the amount of articles, and such less pictures.....:-) Goldie's were in there, they came out pretty good, considering we're trying to stay on a budget. :-)

Until next time, we're going to Hokkaido this next weekend.