Wednesday, May 14, 2014

We have been off the radar, but we will get back into updating our Blog!

April Stats are out!  So proud of our dogs and congrats to our clients!


Knopa recently achieved Best in Show at Lancaster Kennel Club last weekend on Mother's Day in a stellar final lineup!  She now has 20 Group 1's for the year, 2 RBIS and 1 BIS!  So proud of this girl!

Knopa Scotty - #10 Terrier in USA, #1 All Breed Scotty, #2 Breed Scotty! - Marina Khenkina
Truck Scotty (Knopa's lil bro) - #4 All Breed Scotty, #1 All Breed Male! #5 Breed, #1 Breed Male!  Good Job Danica Garside!
Lindy Lou Scotty - (Knopa's lil wheaty sis) - #10 Breed Scotty and #12 All Breed Scotty just after finishing her Champion - Vandra Huber


Boss Westie - In just two months of limited showing, #4 Breed Westie, and #10 All Breeds! - Fred Askin

Manny Affen - In limited showing is #9 All Breed Affen and #12 Breed Affen - Rebecca Brandon

Some notable achievements in the past few months for our dogs has been:

Knopa - Winning 2 more BISS at STC of Michigan(Roving weekend) and STC of Greater New York - Thank judges Charlotte McGowan and respected breeder/judge Kathleen Ferris for these honors.
Derby - BISS Motor City WFTC - Michigan Terrier
Boss - BOB Columbia Terrier supported entry, BISS WHWTC of Southeast Michigan (handled by Pablo)
Miranda (Knopa's lil wheaty sis) - Best in Sweeps Roving National Weekend STC of Michigan Specialty, RWB Michigan Terrier (roving weekend)
Benson Scotty (Debbie Brookes, handled by Mom) - Winners Dog, Columbia Terrier Weekend supported entry for a major - Deborah Brookes Dorene Cross

So much to be thankful for, both family and clients!

Monday, July 02, 2012

Betsy is on a roll! 2 National wins in 2 countries and World Winner!

Okay, so its been a while and I need to recap how we've been doing.

First we'll start with the star, Ch. McVans Be Bop Baby "Betsy"!

Since our last update:

Betsy has won multiple Groups, and 5 Specialties, to include:

The STCA National Rotating Specialty at New Caste in May 2012 - Judge Mr. G Penta
STCGP Specialty at New Castle May 2012 Judge Mr. Randy Weckman

We ventured to Canada where Betsy won the Canadian STC National and finished her Championship in 3 shows! Thank you Mr. Fred Ferris and the other judges who recognized her.

Washington State STC - June 2012 Judge Mr. Hossfeld The following all Breeds got her a Group 1 and Group 4 STC of Chicago - June 2012 - Judge Mr. Clay Coady and a Group3 at Grayslake in tough competition!

She's currently ranked #2 in Breed and #3 All breed with some tough competitors this year.

ALso in May we took her to the World Dog Show in Austria where she was best Bitch for the CACIB and received the World Winner Title 2012!!! The entry was over 100 scotties and want an honor. Congrats to Rico, one of the top scotties in Europe who was BOB!

Also we've had fun with our other clients: Two wires have finished their championship, Ellie owned by Jo Hubbs and Viking, owned by Jeremi Bryant who finished in style under Judge Mr. Peter Green with a 4 point major in Grayslake Terrier, going best of Winners.

Our little Norwich Valentine in limited showing has managed to squeeze into the top 20 in breed points with several notable breed wins, and is ranked 25 in GCH points.

Mom finished her scot Melody from the bred by class with all majors her last weekend out! Go Mom! Melody is out of Justin and Laura and a Marko grandson.

We've also managed some nice breed wins and notable specialty selects on Justin the Westie! Its been a busy past few months, we are taking some breaks through the summer due to heat, I don't like going to outdoor shows at this time of year, its too hot for the dogs, and too hot for the people!

I enjoyed a small judging assignment vacation at Great Western where I was asked to judge the STC of CA's specialty puppy and veteran sweepstakes, I had a blast! Until Next Time!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Betsy Best of Breed at Crufts 2012!!!!

Well its been a busy year so far and we've had no time to update!!! But here's a quick rundown....

In January Betsy had a total of 4 Group 1s and multiple Group Placements!

Justin the Westie had multiple group placements and Breed wins with the help of his owners for the groups!

I February we ventured to Westminster where Betsy was Award of Merit! The days prior she was Group 2 at the Terrier Specialty at Garden State under Clay Coady!

She also garnered a few more group placements including a Group 1 under Peggy B.McW.

At Chicago International we had a lot of success in all of our breeds:

Betsy was Best of Breed 3 of 4 days, including a nice Group 3 under Cindy Vogels.

Justin the Westie was Best of Breed one day under Mr. Desmond Murphy and Select Dog all the other days.

Angie the Corgie was Winners Bitch/BOW 2 out of 4 days and garnered a few points.

Thunder the Belgian Terv was also Best of Breed 3 out 4 days and Select one day.

In March Besty won her first Specialty of the year, making her 8th career specialty!

Angie the Corgie also picked up a major going Winners Bitch/BOW and WB the next day for 2 points.

THEN....we decided to venture to the 2012 Crufts Dog Show in England with Betsy, where she was awarded the Open Class, CC, and on to Best of Breed over 100+ scotties!!! She showed great in the group and we had a blast.

Thank you all for the support!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Official Betsy Tallies for 2011!

According to Dog News:

Betsy had 2 Best in Shows
18 Group 1's
9 Group 2's
7 Group 3's
6 Group 4's

Not too shabby! :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Betsy finishes 2011 as #2 Breed and All Breed

Congratulations Vandra Huber, Ch. McVan's Be Bop Baby was #2 breed and all breed as well as a Top 20 Terrier (unofficial number). SHe finished out with 18 Group 1s, 2 BIS, 7 BISS! Not bad for a part timer!

We had a great year, finishing the year out with 3 Top 5 dogs in my household at different times, to include the wire, Jonjo, and Frankie with the help fo Jeanice Barton in Texas!

We didn't finish as many dogs this year, as we were flying around most of the year, but we managed to finish and show a few westies:

Lila owned by Tom Ward (finished with nearly all majors, only shown in about a total of one months time, including some great wins, our first time out she was WB/BOS over the specials for a 5 point major.

We helped put some GCH points on Bessie, Fred Askins other Westie, along with a few group placements assisted by madeline Aroney, Group 2 and 3 in Virginia.

We assisted in puttng some points on Angus, son of Jenny that I showed, where Madeline took over as his handler this year and got his first major under Frank Sabella, a very special win for all...congrats Jeff and Lori Waite.

We also managed to become new friends with Deb and Ida, owners of "Justin" the Westie. OUr first time out was at the National Dog Show where he garnered Best of Breed and a Group 3 under Mr. Bob Black, and then on to Best of Breed the following day, a great starter weekend, and then ended the year with an Award of Excellence at Eukanuba. The wins pulled Justin into the Top Ten Westies! Congrats!

With the assistance of Hiroshi at Devon, he piloted Jo Hubbs Wire, Ellie to Best of Winners under Terry Stacey for a 5 point major! :)Ellie had previously the weekend before picked up a few points at the Michigan circuit as well, so congrats to Jo!

We also picked up a few Corgis to take care of for Hiroshi and Madeline Aroney singled out Sheeba, while Angie has a few points of her own.

Next year we will continue Betsy's campaign as we can, concentrating on specialties once again. I will be catching up on my overseas travel next year, I've been looking forward to Austria for a while now, those who know me know that its one of my favorite countries! And I look forward to going back to Japan in April! :)

Specials Dogs to look for:

Betsy the Scotty
Justin the Westie

on deck in the classes:

George the Wire
Super the Wire
Angus the Scottie
Melody the Scottie


Monday, October 31, 2011

Best in Show #2 for Betsy

We flew to Puerto Rico where Betsy garnered 3 Group 1s and a Best in Show under Kent Delaney, Groups were Marlene Mortera, Jon Cole and David Kirkland.

Betsy kept quiet in October mostly, but we did manage Best of Opposite at Hatboro I, Select Bitch at Hatboro II, and Select Bitch at the National at Montgomery in tough competition. Betsy continues to maintain the #2 position in both breed and all breeds!! And is still a Top 20 Terrier!

Thank you all for the support!