Monday, August 28, 2006

Shizuoka Dog Show Results

Hello, we returned from Shizuoka and can't complain much. The first day, Max, Land Rose JP All Right made his debut in the baby class at just over 4 months old!!! He got a huge trophy and two big ribbons.

And for Goldie, Goldie received the Reserve Best in Show and Queen Title, she is on a roll! :-) This is her 3rd Queen and Reserve Best in Show in two months along with several Reserve Queens. I am so proud and excited over her success.

As of June 30th, she is ranked #1 Terrier in Japan and of course #1 Scottish Terrier with over 1,500 All Breed points and still counting....Congrats mom for breeding such a beautiful bitch!

Hiroshi had a good weekend, he got Queen with Donna the Cairn Terrier on Saturday, and Leo was Reserve King, and then on Sunday Leo and Goldie challenged the BIS together as Hiroshi and I seem to like to do, and this time Leo was Best in Show, I was so happy for Hiroshi and Leo, thanks to Chisato and Jumpei on their excellent preparation Leo looked like the BIS dog that he is. I think he will win a lot more from now on!

Until next time,


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bergit has come and gone!

Bergit came to do her seminar and it was so good to see her. Polo and Eric the Westy were her model dogs and Polo did so well. Bergit complimented his trimming and said I was doing fine. She got to see Max and liked him so I was a bit relieved. Mari took some photos so once I get them up, I'll post a few. I did however get some pictures from the juniors (The Inman kids) from Mom Lisa. Milady (pictured with Bergit) finished her championship after Marla's long hard work on the grooming and Bergit's touch ups. We've got a little break, there aren't any dog shows until the 26 and 27th. We went to Tokyo after the seminar, me and my husband and stayed in Shinagawa. The weather went bad so we stayed in the area, ate TGIFs and went to the Epson Aqua Stadium which was inside the hotel and watched a dolphin show and saw the sealions. There were tons of fish too!


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

G7 Seminar

Last Sunday Chisato and I went to hot HOT HOT HOT Hokkaido, it was about 31 Celsius and the show ground was on SAND!!! It was so hot, poor Eric the Airedale was dying, we had him wrapped in cool towels but it was so bad. He was able to get Excellent Group and Goldie as well. We didn't push the dogs to their potential as it was a small show and not worth pushing them, Goldie showed well even still but I kept her back in the shade.

We are getting ready tomorrow to drive to Fuji Yoshida City where we are staying. I talked to Hiroshi and Bergit had just arrived, I spoke to her on the cell phone, she said the flight was good and they are going to a hotel and will rest, she was amazed at how big it was! :-) I can't wait to see her again, she is such a wonderful person.

For those that are attending the seminar, see you on Thursday! :-)