Monday, May 29, 2006

Goldie is Group 1st at Tohoku FCI!

The results are in, I took Goldie and Eric for showing. Eric was BOB/CACIB, but we couldn't compete with Group, he wasn't even looked at, though I watched the video my husband took and he showed really well.

As for Goldie, she continued her winning ways and won the Terrier Group Bitch!

That's all for now!


Monday, May 22, 2006

Anna Nicole is winning in the Group again!

Last weekend in Washington, Goldie's sister Anna (owned by Vandra Huber) continued her winning ways, she got a 2 Group 3's, one on Saturday and Sunday!!!

Congratulations Anna! Goldie sends her luck!


Best in Show - But not with a Scotty!

On Sunday, I met Chisato at Morioka to take the Airedale and Scotty to a show in Sendai. Unfortunately I was going alone as Chisato couldn't join me. So I was prepared to be busy. We were of course the only ones in the breed, and I met Junko there and helped her with the Dachshunds. So we waited most of the day for the groups to start.

First we went in for King, and it was so hot. Eric was a good boy and tried his best to show but he was hot, I kept him in the shade and cooled him off with water while we waited.

We went back in and he first made the cut, then we got the KING!!! Oh, and the CC.

Then I showed Becky, as a 14 month old junior so far she had the one CC from Osaka. Becky was a good girl and is getting better each show and walking better too. She made the cut and got Excellent Group and her 2nd CC.

Then I ran back to get Eric, thanks to Teru Sugahara for watching him and combing him up for me.

We had to go against a Cunningham Dachshund, the judge had us move each dog down and back and then made his decision....IT WAS ERIC!!! He got Best in Show! I ran to call Chisato, but Becky's owner had already called her and told her, Chisato was so happy!

Chisato thanks everyone who loves Eric and supports him! He truly is a excellent specimen of theAiredale Terrier! I was so honored to handle him for Chisato.

I talked to Hiroshi also, Leo, his Wire Fox Got Group 1 at Toyama FCI, which I was happy for, he's a really good dog and loves to show, and he had good results and congratulations to Mr. Hirota with Trigue the English Setter, he got Reserve King!!

Wish us luck in Tohoku!


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Weekend Results

Chisato and I drove to Osaka this weekend, 16 HOURS!!!! We got to Osaka around 8 pm and managed to go to Universal Studios Japan and go the city and eat Hard Rock Cafe!

So we started off the weekend with rain, it rained all day Saturday, and we had a dog show. Unfortunately the Airedale (Eric) missed his entry due to a mix up, but Becky made hers. Becky, Polo's daughter from Maguma, Ch. Brotherhood JP Maguma at Strry Sky was BOB and got her first CC by getting Excellent in the Group under judge Shoji Kimura, this was the same judge whom gave Goldie a Best in Show in March.

Te next day, was the Airedale and Goldies turn at the Kinki FCI. First I showed Eric for Chisato, and got BOB/CACIB/MCC. He just needs 2 more tickets to finish. Goldie was BOB and Group 2, we couldn't fight for the Group 1 as her friend Daniel, Ch. Orthopaedic JP The Dignified One took the Male Group 1. Her owner, Mr. and Mrs. Nakamura had a good day with their scots.

Becky will challenge again this coming weekend, wish her luck!


Monday, May 08, 2006

Brags from the Polo kids in the States!

Anna Nicole, Ch. Beameups McVans Gold Digger, owned by Vandra Huber was Group 1 at the Olympia Kennel Club shows under judge Elaine Young! May 6th.

Anna again got a Group 4 on Sunday the next day!!!

Jesse, Beameups Desert Rose, owned by Lisa Inman of California, took her first 3 point major in Arizona at the Sierra Vista Show on May 7th. Dorene Cross handling.

It was a great weekend for Sarahjoy and Beameups!

If I get pictures, I will post!


Saturday, May 06, 2006

Best in Show #3!!! Tokyo Chofu Rengoten Show!

We enjoyed the Japanese Holiday and Golden Week, and the Aomori Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) are now in bloom and Misawa is finally warm again, the weather has been wonderful here. I traveled Thursday evening after work at about 4 pm to get to Tokyo on Friday (May 5th) for a Dog Show for Goldie. I arrived at 1am, enough time to get some sleep before opening the gates at 6am. It was extremely hot and the parking lot was black top and some dogs didn't like it. Goldie was hot too and I didn't think was showing her best but she pulled through in the breed and winning the Group. She then went on to BEST IN SHOW! Thanks to all her fans and supporters who cheered her on! (Kao, Mr. Hirota, Mao, and the whole Clumber Up Family!) Then we went to dinner and I attempted to drive home but I was too tired. I slept near Fukushima until the sun rose and I continued to arrive home at 10am on Saturday, it was a long trip but well worth it.

Cookie came for the ride, and was happy to see everyone, she even saw her friend Shigeru whom she remembers giving her chicken treats while in the show ring last year. She loves Shige for the treats. :-)

Monday, May 01, 2006

Pictures from Kanto FCI!

Eva is actually growing up nice! Here is Goldie as well!

Kanto FCI Results!

Well, we had another successful weekend, the FCI was Saturday and I showed both Eva in the puppy bitch class and Goldie in Ch. bitch. Both took the BOB's....Eva went on to a Group 1 Terrier Puppy and Best Puppy Queen in Show! Not bad for her first time in as a puppy class entry! Goldie went on to Group 1 Terrier and Reserve Queen in Show!

Chisato and I seperated at Iwama where her friend that keeps her Airedale picked her up and took her to the JATA (Japan Airedale Terrier Association) Specialty where her Airedale bitch won the Best in Specialty Show! Eric showed well up until the rain and then I guess he decided he was done...Chisato called me and told me that Eric would be walking home after his stunt. :-) But she was happy with her bitch winning, and when she came to meet me after the FCI Show, she had this HUGE TROPHY she has to to carry until the next show, where she then has to give it back to the club for the next show. When I say huge, I mean huge, its so heavy it has wheels on the bottom of the box!!! Anyhow, we managed to fit, 2 Airedales, a Wire Fox, and a Scotty into my van on the way home. Eva went home with Hiroshi where she will be given to her new owner, Mrs. Hakamada whom owns Hiroshi's Westy that he shows now. Mrs. Hakamada has been breeding and showing Westies in Japan as well as Scottish Terriers here and there. She was very excited to receive Eva. Eva needed a better home then I could give her at the moment. She is still very puppy and needs more attention. She has a very unique personality, something like her mother and she needs extra attention. Anyhow, Chisato and I managed to make enough room so that we could sleep in the front seats of the car and lean the seats back far enough so we could sleep more comfortably. Needless to say I woke up with sore knees from hitting the steering wheel all night. :-)

The small Ibaraki Show was Sunday but wasn't so successful. Chisato showed Eric, I had no entries so I just helped show Hiroshi's dogs, and I handled Eric in the breed so Chisato could see if there was anything she needed to trim before the group on him. She does an excellent job on him and he's a beautiful boy, unfortunately the judges haven't had the "cohonas" to put him up yet, and he didn't even get an excellent in the group. Unfortunately I think the Airedale maybe has a bad reputation in Japan and the judges never look at them. I told Chisato to keep fighting, but it is tough when you are showing for yourself and paying the expenses, Japan is not cheap!!!

We went out to eat and I had Japanese style pancakes for the first time, it was good but I was so full from Yakisoba that they ordered for me. :-) I drank too much Coke too. We got on the road at 5:30pm and I got home at 12:30, pretty good time, but I'm tired still, I had to go to work today too!

Until next time.....