Monday, July 31, 2006

Cookie got a pet clip!

Cookie got a pet clip today! She has never been shaved before but I can not strip anymore, there is no time and she has been hot. She actually looks really pretty and I can see the real body, she seems to like it. She is sleeping a lot now, her 4th birthday is coming this Friday. I am hoping she is pregnant, we did another mating to Polo and hope for a repeat litter like her last, she produced some nice things. Max is getting big! :-)

We're getting ready for Hokkaido this weekend, we have a show on Sunday, Chisato will come along with me, and I'm so glad, I enjoy her company and we can talk about the dogs.


Sunday, July 30, 2006

Its been a busy month!


Just returned from vacation in Tokyo with my husband. I have some news and results from the shows the week before and this past weekend.

Polo - Hokkaido on 23 July - Excellent in Group and NEW CHAMPION! Now he is retired from Japan show ring and will relax for a while.

Goldie - 29 July - There were two shows in Morioka, she was Excellent in Group at the first show in the rain, and then she was Queen under Mr. Kimura the second show!

30 July - She went to Hirosaki and was Excellent in the Group. Thank you Chisato, Shige, and Junko for helping me out so much!

Not much else at the moment, catching up on school work and keeping the dogs groomed up.

P.S. Here is a picture of the new baby, Max, Land Rose JP All Right! He is my husband's new puppy, he got to name him.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Morioka Show Results

This past weekend, Goldie was Reserve Queen under Judge Mr. Uryu. It was a bit hot so I had to keep her cool but she held up and showed wonderfully. Chisato showed Eric the Airedale and he got Excellent Group in the males out of a pretty large group.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hokkaido Weekend Results!

Here's the report for the past weekend. Chisato and I took the ferry from Hachinohe to Tomakomai in the Hokkaido Island. It was a 9 hour trip but easier then driving I think. I got a little sick on the way up, I had Taco Bell, big mistake. :-)

So we went to the Hokkaido regular dog show on Saturday where the MCC cards were given out. Polo was Excellent in Group and got the MCC card, and Goldie was Reserve Queen!!!

On Sunday, I only showed Goldie and she was Group 1 and Reserve Best in Show Queen! Chisato showed Eric the Airedale and he won the Group 1st for the males! :-) I was so happy for Chisato, this is her second Group 1 this year with him!

I'm excited, for this week I'm will be getting a small surprise!


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Reserve Queen and BIS!

We went to show in Yamagata on Saturday, Polo was in hopes of a CC card for his championship, and we had big hopes for Goldie. But this time, judge was liking Polo, and Polo was Best in Show and Goldie Reserve Queen, although this judge loved Goldie so much and I think wanted to give her the Queen but for reasons could not give. I could not believe Polo was winning like this again, it was almost a year since he was winning last Best in Show and never shown again because I wanted Goldie to win. I am very happy, but humble, Polo needs just two more CC's and JKC Ch is finished, then he can relax. Now it is made easier because American champions may show in the small shows.

As soon as I receive pictures, I will post!