Monday, June 16, 2008

Two Group 2's for the scots!

Even thought we had a 7.2 magnitude earthquake just short before the show, the scots persevered with Group placements.

Dolce was Group 2 for the females and Kinari was Group 2 for the males his second time out and his second CC card. Dolce is a Champion already so she didn't need the card.

We are on the way to the airport tomorrow to take Keyshia to the Tokyo Airport.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Keyshia my Akita

Go to this link for Keyshia the Akita, Wild Shine JP Numero....

Last Week Group 1 and 2!!!

Kinari made his debut with me last weekend, he is a breeding from Land Rose, a young wheaten male.

He was Best of Breed and Group 1 for his first CC card! Here is a video of him. Dolce was Group 2 as well. Keyshia the Akita made her debut and was Excellent Group Puppy.