Sunday, January 29, 2006

Weekend groom

Well, everyone got groomed today, well except Cookie, she had her round last week. Polo's looking good, he's growing in a new coat, I'd love to get him on the show ring again, maybe we'll find a small show at the end of February he can go to. He really misses it I think, I put on the show lead today and he just pulled me through the house, he really enjoys it, always has. Goldie's growing into a new jacket as well, I pulled her down pretty short after the December show so she was still a bit short at Chiba, but no worse then the rest, she still outshows the other dogs so it carries her a lot I think. And little Eva got a trim too, I pulled her coat down to get her ready for the puppy classes. She got her microchip and first rabies shot this past week, she didn't like the vet too much after that little session, she cried and put up a fight. She's a fiesty little girl but I like it. She has a bit more fire then her mother, Cookie. She weighed in at 12.5 lbs at 4 1/2 months so I think she'll be good size. She's going through a growing stage again, but still is holding her topline and head. Her side profile is so pretty, she's got a lovely long muzzle and great head planes, I'm so excited since she's really one of the first blacks from Polo that's been shown so far. We're getting one of his other daughter's ready for the Asia Show, she'll be in the young adult class at just 1 year old so we'll see. My new friend Chisato is getting her groomed up and trained and I'll get to her home since she's about 2 hours south of me and easy to visit. Chisato used to work for Bergit and Gabriel so I was thrilled to have met her. She started a new grooming business since she got back so I've tried to help her a little by building her some good clients with the scots and keep her up on her grooming. She's really such a nice person and has a lovely Airedale from Gabriel that she started showing, once they Japanese judges realize he's a good dog, I think he'll do some winning, they just don't know any better. :-)

Until next time...I'm gearing up for the Westminster, I fly out on the 8th of February so I'm really excited to see everyone!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Dog Show Report 1/21-1/22 FCI Chiba

Well, it was an interesting weekend. We started with the small show on Saturday where we awoke to snow, sleet and rain. It was history for Tokyo and Chiba Japan, they received SNOW!!! It was the first time I have shown a dog in snowy conditions. It was cold, wet, and did mention freezing? But, the scots I was showing, loved the weather, and showed great, go figure.

I showed Eva in the Baby Class, and she received Best Baby Queen in Show and showed and moved so well, wet legs and all. I also showed a Young Adult male, Ringo, whom made my acquaintance and he also showed well for the Group and received an Excellent and the CC card, I believe his first one. The judge was Pat Gellerman of the USA, she really liked both so I was happy.

As for Sunday, the Chiba FCI took place. We managed a BOB/CACIB/Group 2 with Goldie. She showed like a dream and I thought she should have won, but she has a tough competitor, the Wire to contend with, it was her turn this time. The handler is a good friend to me.

When I receive the photos I will post.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Visiting Eva's Brother

Yesterday we visited Tokyo to my friends Mr. and Mrs. Nakahara and Eva got to see her brother Sukekiyo, and I got to see all the nice pretty puppies they have!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

First Dog Shows of the Year!

This past weekend I attended my friend Hiroshi Tsuyuki's club show and had the opportunity of greeting everyone for the new year and meeting and making some new friends. We also had some success while in the show ring the first day. I helped my friend Junko show one of her young adults that I have liked since the day she showed him to me. We also got Best Puppy with one of her puppies. We showed under Australia judge Erica Thomas who gave him Winners Dog and the MCC! Then I ran over to the toy poodle ring where I showed a few poodles for Toshi of Smash and took Reserve Winners Puppy Bitch with one of his browns and then went Winners Dog with one of his boys so it was a good day. On Sunday Eva made her debut as the only scotty baby in the baby class and then went on to receive an Excellent in the Group, I was just pleased that she walked on all fours and didn't spook, the first day we did some training and got her used to the sounds and sites of the hall, she was a bit skiddish but what do you expect from a 4 month old puppy? Lets just say this was excellent training for her.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Year 2005 in Review

Well, I wanted to review the year in dog shows while in Japan for 2005! Here is what we accomplished.

January - we bred Ch. Arabella's Voyager to JKC CH/Int CH. Brotherhood JP Maguma of Strry Sky and had 4 beautiful black pups, 3 boys and 1 girl. Thank you Yukimi Tabuchi, Brotherhood Scotties for this opportunity.

- Scotguard Cookie made her debut at the FCI show, but was unable to get anything as she was the only class bitch.

February - I didn't show any of my dogs, but I was able to achieve Best King in Show with my friend Hiroshi's Wire Fox Terrier special, whom later went on to Best in Show at the Kanagawa FCI!

March - Cookie garnered her first MCC and CACIB ticket, taking BOB over the special! Thank you to Hiroshi Tsuyuki for your expert grooming and guidance when I was unable to do it.

April - The Asia Show came and went, AKC/JKC Ch. Beameups Solid Gold made her debut by taking Award of Merit under judge Siv Jernhake of Sweden. Cookie also achieved Winners Bitch for another MCC. I also showed several terriers while assisting Hiroshi and took AOM with the Jack Russel Mona, helped the Kerry to BOB, and the Cairn to AOM. I later helped by showing the Kerry Blue in group taking a Group 3!!

May - We continued Cookie's journey towards her JKC Championship while waiting for Goldie to make entries for future FCI's. At two back to back shows at Sendai and Morioka, Cookie received Excellent in Group the first day and the CC, and on the second day, received Reserve Queen and the CC as well to finish her Japan championship!

June - Cookie again, went to Morioka for 2 days of shows, Saturday she received excellent in Group and Sunday as well. Goldie and I went to a small club show in Hokkaido and received Group 1 and MCC. I also attended a Dachshund specialty with new friend Junko and won the young adult class with her boy to receive an excellent and his first CC card!

July - Goldie took Group 2 and MCC at a Hachinohe Show, and then Group 3 and MCC at Hokkaido FCI, but what takes the cake for the entire month, is Polo, Ch. Arabella's Voyager taking Group 1 and Best in Show at the Hokkaido FCI over an entry of about 700 dogs!

August - We attended the G7 Handling Seminar where I was invited to give a Scottish Terrier Grooming seminar along with Hiroshi Tsuyuki's translation assistance. Later in the month we went to a club show in Shizuoka and took Best of Breed/MCC to finish Goldie's Championship and then on to Group 2 behind the wire fox under Paula Leikinen from Finland.

September - Goldie and I went to another small show in Hokkadio and Goldie received a Group 1/MCC. Scotguard's Cookie was bred to Polo, Arabella's Voyager and had 4 beautiful puppies, 3 wheaten boys and 1 black girl, soon to be Eva.

October - Has to be the most memorable moment of the year! I took Goldie to the Saitama FCI on the 2nd of October, the day before I was to fly for the Montgomery Kennel Club show in Pennsylvania. Goldie first took Best of Breed/CACIB under judge Keri Nichols of Australia, and then on to Group 1 under Karen Brown of Australia and then finally Queen and Best in Show under judge Mr. Takeda of Japan. The entry was over 1000 dogs and my breath was taken away. I then went to the states where I joined with an old friend, Marko, FIN/AKC/INT Ch. Perhaps Sugardaddy, owned and co-owned with my mom and Hiroshi Tsuyuki. Marko and I managed to get Best of Opposite at Hatboro Kennel Club, this was an awesome win for us. Then upon returning, I took Goldie to a club show in Osaka where she was Group 1 as well. We then traveled to the Okayama FCI where Goldie received BOB/CACIB and Group 3. You can say it was a busy month.

November - November started off Rocky but we redeemed ourselves by traveling to Tokyo for a club show where Goldie was BOB and Group 2, and then on to the Kyushu FCI where we were again BOB and Group 2. I also received my new puppy after being whelped and cared for by Mr. and Mrs. Nakahara of Land Rose in Tokyo. Sarahjoy JPs Harajuku Girl, a beautiful black puppy girl.

December - We first started the month with the Osaka FCI, where Goldie was Best of Breed/CACIB, but sadly nothing in group. But in Tokyo, she made up for lost time, and at the Tokyo FCI by taking BOB/CACIB and then on to Group 1 and Reserve Queen against some tough competition! We are also preparing our new baby girl, Eva for her debut in the baby classes come January!

Happy New Year and Good Luck!