Sunday, January 29, 2006

Weekend groom

Well, everyone got groomed today, well except Cookie, she had her round last week. Polo's looking good, he's growing in a new coat, I'd love to get him on the show ring again, maybe we'll find a small show at the end of February he can go to. He really misses it I think, I put on the show lead today and he just pulled me through the house, he really enjoys it, always has. Goldie's growing into a new jacket as well, I pulled her down pretty short after the December show so she was still a bit short at Chiba, but no worse then the rest, she still outshows the other dogs so it carries her a lot I think. And little Eva got a trim too, I pulled her coat down to get her ready for the puppy classes. She got her microchip and first rabies shot this past week, she didn't like the vet too much after that little session, she cried and put up a fight. She's a fiesty little girl but I like it. She has a bit more fire then her mother, Cookie. She weighed in at 12.5 lbs at 4 1/2 months so I think she'll be good size. She's going through a growing stage again, but still is holding her topline and head. Her side profile is so pretty, she's got a lovely long muzzle and great head planes, I'm so excited since she's really one of the first blacks from Polo that's been shown so far. We're getting one of his other daughter's ready for the Asia Show, she'll be in the young adult class at just 1 year old so we'll see. My new friend Chisato is getting her groomed up and trained and I'll get to her home since she's about 2 hours south of me and easy to visit. Chisato used to work for Bergit and Gabriel so I was thrilled to have met her. She started a new grooming business since she got back so I've tried to help her a little by building her some good clients with the scots and keep her up on her grooming. She's really such a nice person and has a lovely Airedale from Gabriel that she started showing, once they Japanese judges realize he's a good dog, I think he'll do some winning, they just don't know any better. :-)

Until next time...I'm gearing up for the Westminster, I fly out on the 8th of February so I'm really excited to see everyone!

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