Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Girdie the Giant Schnauzer - NEW Champion

Girdie is bred by Sylvia Hammerstrom of Skansen kennels and I recently had the honor of handling a bitch that she gave to a young man, who's "Make a Wish" was to have a Giant Schnauzer and make a champion out of her! So just a few weeks ago I got to share in that joy while at shows in Oklahoma. Some friends and fans were there, the whole family and a whole lot of applause! Thank you Beverly who was so nice to email these photos to me! Also thank you Christina, Linda Clarks assistant for your guidance in the trimming.

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Michael Thomas said...

You look very good in these pictures with a giant! I am always used to seeing you with a Scottie or a wire. I think that it was very nice of you to help this young man out and help him finish his giant! You are a good handler!