Thursday, September 11, 2008

Me and Terry the Wire

Terry is one of Hiroshi's breedings, and she was being kept for trimming by Chisato. Hiroshi was caught between rings so I showed Terry for him and she was Winners Bitch this day. Thanks Kao for great candid photos! pheww...I need to lose a

ENJOY the photos! Great job to Chisato for making her ready. 17 days left until I leave Japan! I'm growing ever more anxious each day.

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Michael Thomas said...

Dear Rebecca,
That is so awesome that you can handle all of these different terriers. I think that you are a wonderful handler!! How many points or "cards" does a dog needs in Japan to become a champion? Well, I liked your pics!! That is really awesome! Why are you moving down to Texas? Are you going to be a professional handler down in Texas?