Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Asia Show memories!

Chisato sent me some photos today from the breed and Groups of the Airedale, but I was most impressed by this photo for other reasons other then the dogs. I came to Japan just a few years ago and jumped into the dog shows head first, not knowing anyone or anybody, and then I look at this photo and it shows everything I strive for as far as dog shows are concerned. I love the feel of this photo, Chisato worked so hard to make Eric look his best, and her work paid off with a very deserving Group 1st, and I was truly happy for her. We traveled to Tokyo together and this moment was special for both of us I think, we were both 1st and 2nd, shaking hands, Eric was looking at both his mama's(I'm kind of a honorary mama), and in the background are the flags and Asia Show letters.

I hope that all my friendships can remain like this one, I'm thankful to have met Chisato and Hiroshi, and everyone in Japan that has supported my love for this sport!

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