Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Champions in 2010 and who's coming in 2011!

Just to recap the year, we successfully finished several champions this year.


Ch. Charthill's Worldy Ayre (Jeff and Lori Waite, C & K Hill)
Ch. McVan's Sentimental Journey (Vandra Huber, M. Krowleski, R. Cross
Ch. McVan's Be Bop Baby (Vandra Huber, M. Krowleski, R. Cross)
Ch. Palomas Scalawag Secret Agent (Rintaro Nakahara, Michi Kohno, R.Cross)
Ch. Afterglows Beameups Lets Play (Lisa Inman, Robert Inman)TY M. Aroney!

Wire Fox

Ch. Purston Society Girl (Michael Collings, R. Cross)
Ch. Purston Imperial Prince (Michael Collings, R. Cross)


Ch. Abbapoola's Latin Lover (T. Moynihan, J. Valle)
Alvin (T. Moynihan)

Whats coming in 2011

Our specials lineup

Wire, Ch. Purston Imperial Prince
Scotty, Ch. McVans Be Bop Baby
Scotty, Ch. McVans Sentimental Journey (through Feb)
Scotty, Ch. Afterglows Beameups Lets Play (finish GCH)
Westie, Ch. Glennhaven's Danny Boy O Donnybrook (through Feb)

Class Dogs on deck
(please contact me)

Kellie (bitch)
Angus (dog)

I am booked for the Roving in CA for Scotties


Ellie (bitch)

I am booked for wires for now


Ch. Land Rose R. JP All Right, sire of national WD and WB winners in 2010! Max will be home in February from his Brazil vacation if anyone is interested.

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Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

Very impressive! Best wishes for much continued success in the New Year.