Monday, January 14, 2008

Quiet at the household

Well, I haven't been showing in Japan for this month, but we did manage to have some success in the US, my wheaty girl that I coown with my mom and Irene D. in Washington has 12 points to her championship already thanks to Travis L who is handling her.

Max is getting his rest and hopefully will be a daddy later on in the next few months, Cookie is being my couch potato and Chipper is becoming a hairy mess that i need to groom. We have shows in February and I will be in New York for Westminster for anyone that will be there, look for me.

I'm also enjoying the newest addition to my family, Keyshia, an American Akita. She is 4 months old and so sweet. She has started training and is kind of a brat, but we're getting there.

Until next time, I'll keep you posted.


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