Monday, December 11, 2006

Kawagoe Rengoten

We went to the Kawagoe Rengoten on Sunday and Goldie was Group 1st. Max was Group 1 puppy and Best Puppy in Show. Goldie showed awesome, she hasn't shown this well in a while, she was so happy and pulling around the ring, she loves to show still. I just wish she could have got something but now the politics for the shows are so bad at the moment. Always the same dogs are winning and all because of who owns them or how much money, but this is the same all over the world, so I continue to fight with Goldie to win as much as we can. I am still so proud that a wheaten Scottish Terrier could win so much in this country and honestly, I hope that her owners are as proud as I am and I'm so glad to be a part of her career and that they have trusted me and given me this opportunity to share in her success. This past weekend everyone told me she is looking really good now and that she should have a good chance, I wish they were the judge! :-) Mr. and Mrs. Nakahara are very happy about Max, I am happy to exhibit him, he will be fun for the future. Thank you Mari for these fast samples, I also have Goldie's Best in Show Photo from Elaine Young. I'm finding that most foreign judges like her, especially from the states, some Australian judges like her but sometimes I think her type is too different for them. :-)


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